Hello. My name is Elizabeth. However, my friends call me Eli.

I am one of those people who wants to be and do many things in life — many of which are not always compatible. With only one life to live, I make up for it by reading and writing. Books allow me to be anything and anyone — no questions asked!

My passion for the written word propelled me to pursue an English degree from Bethel College, IN (USA). I now work as a freelance writer and editor, and aspire to become a published novel writer someday. Fiction is my all-time favorite, and whether I’m reading or creating the story myself, they generally belong to the mystery, suspense, and romance genres. Jane Austen is my hero, and Mr. Darcy is the man of my dreams.

Some of my other hobbies include watching movies, cooking, and learning Hebrew.

You can also find my reviews at Life is Story, Fiction Addict and Radiant Lit; or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.