Review Policy

  • The items reviewed on this site are either personal copies/products or complimentary items provided by an author, publicist, or publisher in exchange for an honest review.
  • I receive no compensation other than the free product itself.
  • I will not resell any books/items sent to me for review.


Acceptable book formats include:

  • Hard copies
  • PDFs
  • e-books that are compatible with a Kindle.

Favorite genres :

  • Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Christian, Cookbook.

These are my top genre choices, but I sometimes review others as well. If your book does not fall under one of the above, but you would still like me to consider it, feel free to contact me with the information.

**I will not review erotica.


Movies & TV Shows

I’m also open to reviewing movies and TV shows. My preferences include mystery, suspense, and romance, but I am open to considering other genres as well.

Acceptable format: DVD

**I will not watch horror.


Other: Household Items, Beauty Products etc…

I’m always open to reviewing other types of products. Just send me the information through the contact form and I will let you know if I can cover it.



I can host giveaways as long as the item(s) are shipped to the winner by the publisher, author, or distributor.


Send me any questions, information, or requests through the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!