Bookish Finds #6

A cold rainy front heads our way. So what’s on my mind? How to keep warm and how to best spend that time. The answer proves simple, layers and books! But what if I can combine the two?



Pride and Prejudice Litograph Infinity Scarf — Practical and awesome! Not only does it keep the neck warm, it also ensures one never gets caught without a book again! The problem will be deciding what story to wear each morning. book-lover-shoes



Book Lovers Shoes — Shoes have never looked so cute, and they don’t even have heels! Who said style and comfort can’t go together?




Custom Bookcase Quilt — I’m completely enamored with these quilts. I can just picture it, cozying up under it with a great book!




Bookish Finds #5

I haven’t compiled some cool bookish finds in a while, so here I am with an extra dose of book-awesomeness to share with you.



Library Books Pencil Holder — Wouldn’t this make the perfect addition to any desk? I already know what corner of my writer’s nook I’d put it in. How about you?Book-tissue-box


Book Tissue Box — And because of course, matching is everything, we can’t overlook this perfect tissue box. It almost makes it worth getting a cold. O.K. maybe that’s taking it a bit too far. However … sniffles require bed rest, and bed rest leads to a pile of books and reading time. So, what do you think?



Classics Book USB — What could be better than a USB disguised as a book? How about one filled with 3,000 classics. You heard me right — 3,000! They had me at Austen and Bronte.




I’d Rather Be Reading Tote Bag — Isn’t that the truth! This Etsy shop has so many cute, bookish items that narrowing it down proves next to impossible. Wait, did I say next? I meant impossible.




Qwerkywriter Wireless Typewriter Keyboard — Close your eyes! Can you imagine creating the next bestseller on this typewriter? I bet you already hear the tapping keys. I know I can.


So long for now, I’m off to check myself into Bookaholics Anonymous because I desperately want one of each plus several other drool-worthy items that didn’t make this list.






Bookish Finds #4

My birthday arrives in less than two weeks. I can’t think of a better way to send my family a “wink-wink” than to subtly disguise my wish list in a bookish post. Do you think they’ll get the hint? Or should I print out and post it around the house too?



Coffee and Tea Mug — Be still my beating heart! Mr. Darcy and Mr. Thornton on one mug. Now I know what perfection looks like.Novelteas-Tolstoy-Cervantes-Wilde



NovelTea Tins — Of course, no mug or book is complete without a nice, steaming drink. If it comes out of a tin that looks like a novel even better. I’ll have some War and Peach with my book please!just-read-plumb-pillows





Just Read Pillow — I don’t have to be told twice! Nothing makes me happier than delving into a great book. I love the plumb lettering. This pillow would add the perfect touch to my — err any couch or reading nook.

Bookish Finds: #3

As a firm believer that one can never own enough literary paraphernalia, I make it my personal mission to scour the web in search of unique bookish finds. Of course, half the fun then lies in sharing those discoveries with you.




Library Embosser — whether you lend out books or simply want to make sure everyone knows that you are the proud owner of said book, this is one great way to leave your mark — definitely way cooler than scribbling on the first page.




Personal Library Kit — Speaking of lending, while the embosser above helps the borrower remember where they got the book, what about the lender? Keeping track of all your books can prove challenging. This kit solves that issue!




The Library of Fragrance: Paperback — I’ll be honest, the jury is still out on this one. Nothing tops the smell of a book, but to wear it as cologne? What do you think?

Bookish Finds: #2

I should be writing. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) zooms by at warped speed and I’m nowhere near the 50K goal for the month. Alas, words seem to have dried up and instead I procrastinate by scouring the internet for cool, bookish things. I thought I’d share some of my finds with you.



Jane Austen Books Coaster Set — Few things complement a book as well as a hot drink, be that coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or my personal favorite — a French Vanilla Cappuccino. As a die-hard Austen fan, I can’t think of a better coaster to set said drink on.




My Weekend is All Booked Mug — Of course, we need a snazzy mug to go with those coasters. Since it’s Friday, this mug seemed especially appropriate.




Shhhh! I’m Reading Door Hanger — How do we ensure some uninterrupted quiet time to enjoy our book and hot drink? This door hanger should do the trick, and if it doesn’t, at least it looks cute.





No Such Thing as Too Many Books Pillow — I couldn’t agree more. I think this would make a great addition to a couch, chair, or bed.