Interview: Mimi Matthews

When you walk into a bookstore, you make a beeline for what section?

The literature section, which (depending on the bookstore) includes authors like Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brontë, and Jane Austen.

Favorite place to write:

I really like to write propped up in bed. It’s not the most ergonomic spot, but it’s my favorite.

Go-to writing snack or drink:

Most of my books and articles are fueled by Diet Cherry Pepsi. I drink a ridiculous amount of it while I write.

What does your writing nook look like?

I don’t have an “official” writing nook. I mostly write on a tablet PC, which I prop up on a pillow on my lap. So, I guess you could say, wherever I go, my writing nook goes with me.

Something you must do or have to write:

In addition to silence, I absolutely must have an internet connection. I research so much for the novels I write. I’m constantly looking through archives, at old images, or through newspaper databases.

Favorite (doesn’t that word just make you cringe?) writer resource:

The Victorian Web is a great resource for anyone writing and researching stories or articles set in the Victorian era.

What book is currently on your nightstand?

I don’t have a physical book, but on my Kindle, I’ve got Rachel McMillan’s latest mystery Murder in the City of Liberty.

Hard copy, e-reader, audio book:

I used to be a devout hard copy book reader, but after a neck injury, I’ve really come to rely on ebooks. They’re especially easy to read on Kindle for PC.

What was the inspiration behind The Work of Art?

The proposal scene in the park was actually inspired by a dream I had. I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget. The entire book originated from that one scene.

Favorite part of writing The Work of Art:

I loved the sweetness of the romance. It was very much a love story.

Hardest part of writing The Work of Art:

The revisions! I wrote The Work of Art several years ago, and had already said goodbye to those characters. Coming back to it after so long was difficult.

If The Work of Art was turned into a movie, who would you cast as the leads?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Definitely Richard Armitage as Arthur Heywood, and Jessica Brown Findlay as Philly Satterthwaite. They look just like how I imaged the characters.

What is next?

A Convenient Fiction (Parish Orphans of Devon, Book 3) will be out this October.

About the Story:

An Uncommon Beauty…

Hidden away in rural Devonshire, Phyllida Satterthwaite has always been considered more odd than beautiful. But in London, her oddity has made her a sensation. Far worse, it’s caught the eye of the sinister Duke of Moreland—a notorious art collector obsessed with acquiring one-of-a-kind treasures. To escape the duke’s clutches, she’s going to need a little help.

An Unlikely Hero…

Captain Arthur Heywood’s days of heroism are long past. Grievously injured in the Peninsular War, he can no longer walk unaided, let alone shoot a pistol. What use can he possibly be to a damsel in distress? He has nothing left to offer except his good name.

Can a marriage of convenience save Philly from the vengeful duke? Or will life with Arthur put her—and her heart—in more danger than ever?


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Connect with Mimi through her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

21 thoughts on “Interview: Mimi Matthews

  1. I’m not really I to artwork that much, but I love beautiful book covers like this. Does that count? 😉

    I would pick this up to read just by the cover alone without knowing anything about it. Thanks for the giveaway chance 💖

  2. Finished reading this yesterday. Loved it. It’s funny that you say Jessica Brown Findlay is how you imagine Philly to look, Mimi, because I did too! And I can definitely see Richard Armitage as Arthur. Swoon!

  3. I have too many favorite works of art! I just went to Europe for the first time this summer and got to see so much art. One of the ones that stood out to me was Dance at the Moulin de la Galette by Renoir.

  4. Hi, I don’t think I can answer that question being so many Beautiful things out there! The book sounds like a very good read. I enjoyed reading this interview and reading what the book is about, of which I will be adding it to my TBR list. Have a Great Week. God Bless you. Thank you for the chance.

  5. I have been hearing Mimi mentioned by several favorite authors and reviewers recently, guess I need to check her books out!

      • No problem! I actually accept any comment for giveaway entries. I just include the question as an idea. But thank you for sharing your favorite work of art!

    • You and me both! I hadn’t read any of her books until a couple weeks ago, but an author I respect keep gushing about Mimi’s books, so I knew I had to check them out for myself.

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