Top Ten Tuesday: Books To Read If Your Book Club Likes…

Does your book club not know what to read next? No problem! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday will fix that dilemma. For the sake of time and space, I have stuck to my favorite novel(s) by each author. However, in most cases (unless specified in the header), you can pick up any of their books and/or series and they will fit the bill.


(1) Romantic Suspense: Dani Pettrey

dani-pettrey-shatteredShattered (Alaskan Courage #2)

Something about long time friends falling in love always makes my heart pitter-patter. I can’t help it! Combine that with an exhilarating adventure and I’m a goner.


(2) Military Suspense: Ronie Kendig

ronie-kendig-talon-raptor-6Talon (A Breed Apart #2) and Raptor 6 (The Quiet Professionals #1)

D, N, A, E — whether you arrange those letters to spell Dane (Talon) or Dean (Raptor 6), you get the names of my favorite Rapid-Fire heroes.


(3) Historical Fiction: Sarah Sundin

sarah-sundin-with-every-letterWith Every Letter (Wings of the Nightingale #1)

A third culture character who writes to a service member, Mellie introduced me to Sarah Sundin’s books. While I’ve enjoyed them all so far, Mellie’s story remains my top pick.


(4) Mysteries: Mary Higgins Clark

mary-higgins-clarkAll Around the Town and A Cry in the Night

Mary Higgins Clark has been my favorite mystery author since high school. I especially like her earlier work, the two listed above top the list.


(5) Thrillers: Lisa Gardner

lisa-gardner-carsh-burn-fear-nothingCrash & Burn and Fear Nothing

Lisa Gardner’s books come by the thriller title honestly. At times, I wish they were a little — or lot — less “thrillery.” Yet Gardner creates such complex characters and mind-twisting plots, I can’t help but keep coming back, making these the most intense novels I’ll read.

(Warning: They contain strong language and mature content.)


(6) Legal Thrillers: Randy Singer

randy-singer-dead-lawyersDead Lawyers Tell No Tales

Think John Grisham with a thread of faith.


(7) Travel and Romance: Carla Laureano and Liz Johnson

carla-laureano-liz-johnsonFive Days in Skye (The MacDonald Family Trilogy #1)


The Red Door Inn (Prince Edward Island Dreams #1)

Until I can afford to visit Scotland and PEI (Prince Edward Island) in person, these books are my first-class tickets there.


(8) Retellings: Pepper Basham‘s A Twist of Faith (Mitchell’s Crossroads #1)


A modern-day retelling of My Fair Lady — only better!


(9) Agatha Christie: Eric Keith‘s Nine Man’s Murder


I like a mystery that keeps me guessing until the end.


(10) Nicholas Sparks: Kevin Alan Milne

kevin-alan-milne-misfortune-goodSweet Misfortune and The One Good Thing

While I am personally not a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks (he has more misses than hits in my book), I do see some similarities in style with Kevin Alan Milne’s novels. The difference being, I’ve greatly enjoyed the Milne stories I have read.

What about you? What books/authors would you recommend to book clubs that like any of the categories listed above or genres that didn’t make this list?








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