The Warrior’s Seal (A Tox Files Novella) by Ronie Kendig

the-warriors-sealGenre: Military Suspense
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Publication Date: October 2016

A deadly plague ravages villages, an ancient artifact vanishes, and a power-thirsty group has kidnapped the president of the United States. As a special forces operative, Cole “Tox” Russell knows danger. He has come face-to-face with it on more than one occasion. For that reason, his team is sent to find and rescue the president. However, the mission quickly goes awry when they are sidelined due to the mysterious toxin and the people who might know how to stop it disappear or are taken hostage.

The Warrior’s Seal is the fast-paced prequel novella that introduces the elite team in Ronie Kendig’s new series The Tox Files. Combining history and modern day, archeology and military, it reminds me of Indiana Jones with a special forces twist. True to her style, Kendig delivers plenty of action, along with the chance to travel the globe without leaving your chair. Intense from beginning to end, the novella closes in a way that has me fervently begging for more.


Look at those soulful eyes!

Those of you who know or follow the author, guess who makes a special appearance? MWD (military working dog) Vvolt!! I’m pretty sure I squealed when I first saw his name.

Ready for the best part? The Warrior’s Seal is free! So make sure to download and read your copy before Conspiracy of Silence releases in December.






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