Bookish Question #1

Bookish-questionI love books. You love books. (If you don’t, I’m curious as to what brought you to a book review blog). I wish we could sit down, sip a nice drink, and chat. Since most of us can’t meet in person, what better way to become acquainted than by sharing a bit about ourselves? So, starting today, I’m going to post a weekly bookish question, and I hope you’ll join me in the discussion.

To start us off, how about a great introductory question? What/who got you into reading?

For me, the answer would be my grandmother. Long before I could read, I would sit on her lap by the hour listening to all sorts of tales, from the shorter Little Golden Books to long narratives like Heidi and Charlotte’s Web. I’m pretty sure my poor grandmother read till her throat became raw. Not that she ever complained.






20 thoughts on “Bookish Question #1

  1. Excellent question. I don’t know that any one person got me into reading although my family did read. I’m probably the most book “nerdy” among us though fond memories of my childhood do include reading together during the short winter nights. Mostly Janette Oke, and we’d read together in the morning before school. Also, it helped that there were American Girl stories to be discovered which were all a BIG part of my childhood. 🙂

    • I read Love Comes Softly while in high school, but I’m only just now experiencing the rest of the series. I’m on book three!

  2. My mum got me into reading, she used to take me to the local library with her every Saturday and I’d get as many books out as they would let me. Then as I got older I used to go to the local market bookshop with her, which is where I first discovered Harry Potter too, she bought me a copy when I was particularly bored in the summer holidays one year 🙂 and so it began haha

    • I love how many moms influenced us as readers! While I credited my grandmother, it was actually my mom who encouraged her to read to me. 🙂

  3. If anyone got credit for getting me into reading… it would definitely be my sister. I grew up sharing a room with my sister who is 10 years older than I am. She loves to read and often had her nose in a book. By the time I started reading much at all, she already had a rather large collection of books to offer for my enjoyment and that just made me want to read even more!
    My parents (esp. my mom- who also enjoys reading) also really encouraged all of us to read. And my sis-in-law has been loaning books to me since I was about 10-12 years old. So they get some credit too. haha! 😉

  4. oooo great question! My parents read to me a lot – and so did my grandparents. BUT I’m pretty sure I was born with an innate love of reading. My first word was book, no I’m not kidding haha

  5. Not really sure where my love of reading came from. My mom was not really a reader (other than her Bible!) I remember Heidi was probably one of my first favorites. And then on to Nancy Drew and Mary Stewart. Leon Uris’ Exodus was a favorite in my teen years. As a child (probably around 9-10) I loved walking or riding my bike across town to the library. It was a fairly small town and safe at that time (late 50s–early 60s) Too many books, so little time…

    • You’ve just made me so happy!! Exodus was one of my favorites in my teens and continues to be so to this day. I’ve even mentioned it in a post coming next week. You are the first person I’ve met who 1) has read 2) lists it as a favorite. 😀

  6. I hated reading until about 14 years old – but did it as a boredom buster since I didn’t have a sister to play with. I grew up on a farm with 3 brothers. Reading was my “something to do” since playmates were not to be found – my brothers were always busy with chores and farmwork. Then my mom let me start reading her Christian romance and I was hooked!

    • Sometimes it just takes the right book or time to set the reader in us free.

      I definitely know what it’s like growing up with three brothers!

  7. My mother read to me every night before bed until I could read for myself. I have done that with my own children, but unfortunately neither of them like reading. I think you are just born loving stories.

    • But what beautiful memories! Whether they like to read or not, your children will always remember the time you spent reading to them.

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