Bookish Finds #5

I haven’t compiled some cool bookish finds in a while, so here I am with an extra dose of book-awesomeness to share with you.



Library Books Pencil Holder — Wouldn’t this make the perfect addition to any desk? I already know what corner of my writer’s nook I’d put it in. How about you?Book-tissue-box


Book Tissue Box — And because of course, matching is everything, we can’t overlook this perfect tissue box. It almost makes it worth getting a cold. O.K. maybe that’s taking it a bit too far. However … sniffles require bed rest, and bed rest leads to a pile of books and reading time. So, what do you think?



Classics Book USB — What could be better than a USB disguised as a book? How about one filled with 3,000 classics. You heard me right — 3,000! They had me at Austen and Bronte.




I’d Rather Be Reading Tote Bag — Isn’t that the truth! This Etsy shop has so many cute, bookish items that narrowing it down proves next to impossible. Wait, did I say next? I meant impossible.




Qwerkywriter Wireless Typewriter Keyboard — Close your eyes! Can you imagine creating the next bestseller on this typewriter? I bet you already hear the tapping keys. I know I can.


So long for now, I’m off to check myself into Bookaholics Anonymous because I desperately want one of each plus several other drool-worthy items that didn’t make this list.







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