Top Ten Tuesday: TV Show Edition

I’m excited about this week’s Top Ten Tuesday because it deviates from the predominant theme on my blog. In honor of Fall TV, I’m going to share some of my favorite TV shows.

numb3rsFavorite TV Shows of all Time

(1) Numb3rs: Math is not my forte. Ask anyone in my family and they’ll tell you that’s an understatement. Maybe that’s why I love this show. For forty minutes, I can pretend I know exactly what Charlie (the genius math professor) talks about and have fun despite all the numbers, equations, and problems floating about.NCIS-Los-Angeles

(2) NCIS LA: I have a thing for brooding, loner guys with a mysterious background (before someone calls my mom or attempts an intervention, this applies only to fiction!), and G. Callen fits that to a T. I like Kensi too, though I do my best to ignore the fact that the guy playing her love interest is actually the actress’ real-life brother-in-law. More often than not, I don’t succeed at this. ncis

(3) NCIS: For the longest time, I loved that this show had an Israeli character. I lived for those few moments Hebrew came through my loud speakers. However, at the end of the day, the reason this show has been a favorite long before Ziva’s arrival and then departure has more to do with the people I have enjoyed it with than the show itself.

New Show Coming Out This Fall That is on my Radar

conviction-hayley-atwell(4) Conviction: I like a redemptive story, the premise sounds intriguing, and I’m excited to see Eddie Cahill (Don Flack on CSI: NY) in a show again. These combined, I look forward to giving this show a shot.

blindspotShow Return I Anticipate Most

(5) Blindspot: The protagonist reminds me of a female Jason Bourne — amnesia, fights government corruption, killer moves, nothing is what it seems, etc. Since the Robert Ludlum trilogy is one of my all time favorite reads, I can’t wait for the return of this Bourne-style show.

TV Show I wish Never Got Cancelled

Against-the -all(6) Against the Wall: I’m still dying to know who stood behind that door. Throughout season one, two men vied for the heart of the internal affair’s detective. As the season finale drew to a close, Abby seemed to make a choice when she called a mystery person and said, “I need to see you.” Shortly thereafter the doorbell rang, but the screen went black before the viewer could see the person on the other side, leaving followers hanging when the network didn’t renew the show. The only silver lining was that regardless of whom one shipped for (*coughTeamBrodycough*), the unresolved ending allowed each viewer to imagine that Abby picked his/her favorite guy.

Books I Wish Would be TV Shows

Emily-of-new-moon(7) Emily of New Moon, (8) Emily’s Quest, (9) Emily’s Climb by L. M. Montgomery: Yes, Emily pops up in a Top Ten post again. Numerous Anne of Green Gables versions have hit the big screen, and Netflix recently announced the upcoming release of their own take. Don’t get me wrong, I love Anne, but I would rather see another of Montgomery’s stories take the forefront.

Ronie-Kendig-Series(10) Ronie Kendig: True, I’ve listed an author and not a book. That’s because I don’t mind which of her series is turned into a TV Show. I’d just love to see one of her teams jet around the globe each week saving the world from a different crisis or terrorist plot.

It’s your turn! I’d love to hear your choices for these categories.




10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: TV Show Edition

  1. FABULOUS post, Elizabeth. We binge-watched “Numbers” a while back while waiting for a favorite to return. ALL of the NCIS series are top faves, and I’d adore seeing Ronie Kendig’s books on screen.

    Watched the pilot of “Against the Wall” recently and liked it, but haven’t gone back (because I have TOO many shows to finish – S1 of “Blindspot” being one, which is EPIC if I may say). That said, I did research it a bit (because spoilers) and most fans feel like it was Brody behind the door because when she’d call him that was her “thing” with him: “I need to see you.”

    “Conviction” is top of my list as well.

    • Most fans think, and hope, it’s Brody. I’m one of them! However, while she did use that line a lot with Brody, she also used it at least once on her mother and once or twice on Danny (I only picked this up when I rewatched Against the Wall). Shows like messing with their viewers, so it’s possible they wanted us to remember her using it on Brody so they could then spring the mother or Danny on us at the start of season 2. I guess we’ll never know. 😦 Either way, I still wanted it to be Brody. lol

    • It’s called, how could I pick just one? lol I’m glad you liked it. Once you start Blindspot, come back and let’s discuss it! 😀

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