Anchor in the Storm (Waves of Freedom #2) by Sarah Sundin

anchor-in-the-storm-sarah-sundinGenre: Historical Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: May 3, 2016

All her life, Lillian has fought prejudices — as a woman and as a disabled person. However, when America joins World War II, she has the opportunity to prove herself as a pharmacist and show that her gender and disability don’t hold her back. While her new employer makes it clear he doesn’t want her around, Lillian throws herself into her work determined to become indispensable. Figuring out why large prescriptions of sedatives are coming through seems like the best place to start. If only her brother’s best friend, Archer Vandeberg, would find another woman to pester with his attentions.

With his good looks and money, Arch is used to women fawning over him, but not Lillian. His charm seems lost on the fiercely independent pharmacist. The harder he tries to flirt, the more she seems to dislike him. Assigned to a destroyer that hunts German U-boats, Arch discovers his men struggle with nerves and staying awake — a potentially deadly combination during a time of war. Worried that his men could be self-medicating, Arch follows the trail only to discover the Lillian may have unwittingly landed in the middle of a dangerous plot.

Anchor in the Storm reunites readers with Lillian and Arch whom we briefly met in the first installment of the Waves of Freedom series. As always, Sarah Sundin brilliantly portrays the 1940s. Though undoubtedly hours of research go into her stories, I never feel like I’m reading pages of study or history. Rather, I’m transported to the past and experience the era and lifestyle for myself.

I loved that Lillian isn’t your typical heroine. She doesn’t fall under the “perfect,” “model-like” category often prized by society. However, her inner beauty and resilience quickly shine through and overshadow her physical disability. If only we did the same in real life and stopped judging others by what we see on the surface. I enjoyed watching Lillian and Arch’s romance develop even though Arch fumbled on more than one occasion. His mistakes only served to make him more real.

While book one in this series, Through Waters Deep, is still my favorite, Sundin spiked the tension to new heights as the climax of Anchor in the Storm unfolded. I gasped for breath as the author wrenched me back and forth between two nerve-racking events. I recommend this novel to readers who enjoy historical fiction with a taste of romance and mystery.

Review copy provided by Litfuse Publicity Group. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Radiant Lit.


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