The Goodbye Bride (A Summer Harbor Novel #2) by Denise Hunter

the-goodbye-brideGenre: Romance
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: March 2016

Lucy Lovett wakes up on a diner floor, sporting a headache and her wedding dress. The steps that led her there elude her, but she doesn’t have time to figure it out, not if she wants to make it to her wedding on time. However, Lucy encounters one problem, her groom insists she left him — seven months ago,

After months of nursing a broken heart, Zac Callahan was finally moving on after Lucy ran off days before their wedding without so much as a goodbye or an explanation. Now she’s back in his life, homeless, penniless, and claiming she still loves him. Her arrival could be the second chance he prayed for, or it could be another way for Lucy to crush him. If her memory returns, Lucy could leave again, this time incapacitating his heart for good.

Denise Hunter transports readers back to Summer Harbor for the second installment in the Callahan family saga. The Goodbye Bride offers a pleasant and heartwarming read while still addressing deep topics such as confronting one’s fears.

After meeting Zac in Falling Like Snowflakes and catching a glimpse of his heartbreak, I wondered how I could ever like the woman who abandoned him. However, Hunter skillfully portrayed Lucy’s perspective, and I found myself drawn to her plight almost as soon as I met her on that diner floor. Though still protective of Zac and understanding his reticence to let Lucy back in his life, I couldn’t help but cheer for the pair, eager for them to face their pasts and overcome their issues.

Considering their history and the roiling emotions between them, Zac and Lucy made some unwise decisions and placed themselves in potentially compromising situations. While gossip did run rampant and some events were twisted for sensationalism, Lucy didn’t help with her choices. Nonetheless, being a book, everything worked out fine in the end.

I enjoyed seeing how Beau and Eden’s relationship has progressed since we last saw them, as well as discovering new details in Aunt Trudy’s backstory. I can’t wait for book three that finally gives us Riley and Paige as the protagonists. I’ve been dying for their story from the beginning.

I recommend The Goodbye Bride to Hunter fans or anyone looking for nice, quick romance.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!


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