The Red Door Inn (Prince Edward Island Dreams #1) by Liz Johnson

the-red-door-innGenre: Romance
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: March 2016

Broke and unable to return home, Marie Carrington agrees to help decorate and prepare a bed-and-breakfast in time for tourist season. She hopes to find a safe haven in the quiet and peaceful community of Prince Edward Island (PEI).

When Seth Sloane moved to the island to help his uncle restore an old Victorian home and convert it into a B&B, he never imagined the job description would include keeping an eye on a woman with a penchant for expensive antiques. If left to her own devices, Marie could plow through their savings before the inn has a chance to open. So now he’s stuck following her to auctions and antique stores instead of working on the renovation.

Marie can’t risk letting her employer down. Not unless she wants to end up on the street. However, accomplishing her task proves difficult with his surly nephew looking over her shoulder and impeding her progress every step of the way.

Liz Johnson crafted a beautiful and captivating tale of new beginnings in The Red Door Inn. My love for Anne of Green Gables and PEI led me to this novel, but Johnson’s masterful writing kept me flipping pages and irrevocably immersed in the story. Her vivid descriptions brought the setting to life as I felt the sand under my toes, smelled the pungent odor of paint, tasted Caden’s mouth-watering cooking, and saw the breathtaking beaches and quaint shops for myself.

The endearing characters — protagonists and secondary alike — quickly became friends, ones that I plan to revisit. They pulled me into their plights and joys, and made me feel as one of their own. I enjoyed watching the restoration going on in Seth and Marie’s lives even as they fixed up the B&B. Saying good bye to this story and its cast provoked acute withdrawal with only the consolation that book two will arrive in a few months. Trust me, I’ll be number one in line to get it.

If you want a sweet romance and a great summer read, look no further, The Red Door Inn is the book for you.

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4 thoughts on “The Red Door Inn (Prince Edward Island Dreams #1) by Liz Johnson

    • Oh to be able to experience this book for the first time again. I envy you! 😉 I’d love to hear your thougths once you’ve read it.

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