Protecting Her Daughter (Wrangler’s Corner #3) by Lynette Eason

protecting-her-daughterGenre: Romance, Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Love Inspired
Publication Date: March 2016

Zoe Collier goes on the run after someone tries to abduct her daughter. She seeks refuge on an isolated ranch, hoping the seclusion and anonymity will keep Sophia safe. When the would-be kidnappers find them there, Zoe realizes that someone she trusts is collaborating with them. Unsure of whom to trust, she must either disappear once again or figure out who wants her daughter and why.

Local vet Aaron Starke can’t help but notice the beautiful and enigmatic single mother. However, his heart still remembers the pain of being used and dumped by someone he had hoped to marry. So getting involved with a woman who seems ready to bolt might not be the wisest idea. When he discovers the reason for Zoe and Sophia’s arrival to Wrangler’s Corner, Aaron resolves to find out the truth and keep mother and daughter safe.

Romance, mystery, and non-stop action combine in Lynette Eason’s Protecting Her Daughter. The unfortunate characters barely crawled out of one mess before being thrust head first into another. The author didn’t let up from beginning to end, keeping me flipping pages wondering how they’d ever survive. While I did figure out the identity of the person behind everything, one character’s involvement in the scheme took me completely by surprise.

Eason created likeable protagonists that, while flawed, the readers can root for. Aaron’s affection and protectiveness of a young girl that isn’t even his daughter makes him endearing. I especially enjoyed how the community rallied around the mother and daughter to keep them safe. However, the one-dimensional mastermind felt more like a type than someone real, making the revelation of his identity and the final encounter a bit anti-climatic after all the characters endured throughout the story.

As of late, as attested by my recent selection of reading material, I have gravitated toward books with rural settings. Eason skillfully placed me in the middle of nowhere surrounded by open space, clean air, and animals. However, something that I would normally love — such as the remoteness and quietness of a ranch — turned frightening and isolated as abductors and killers closed in.

Protecting Her Daughter delivers everything one would expect from a romantic suspense novel with an element of faith. I recommend it to those looking for a quick and entertaining read. While this is the third book in the Wrangler’s Corner series, the book easily stands alone. I had no problem following the story even though I haven’t read the first two installments.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!


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