A Twist of Faith (Mitchell’s Crossroads #1) by Pepper Basham

a-twist-of-faith-pepper-bashamGenre: Romance
Publisher: Firefly Southern Fiction
Publication Date: April 2016

Hard work has landed Dr. Adelina Roseland at the top of her field. A respected accent reduction specialist, Adelina  stands closer than ever to her dream job, but an impulsive wager threatens to bring everything down. Now, Adelina has a few months to turn Reese Mitchell, an Appalachian cattle farmer, into corporate material.

However, she hadn’t counted on his chaotic yet loving family swarming her life, or the pull of the culture she has worked to forget. As Adelina comes to know the man behind the bad grammar and rugged good looks, she risks losing more than her new position and a shot at her ultimate goal.

A Twist of Faith offers a fresh spin on the timeless classic My Fair Lady. Pepper Basham transports her readers to the heart of Appalachia as a story of love, faith, and second chances unfolds. Between fascinating characters, a riveting tale, and the breath-taking setting, I couldn’t tear myself away from the book. I loved exploring and experiencing the Appalachian culture through a fun, spunky, and heart-warming cast.

I liked the protagonist. Despite her mistakes, I could empathize and connect with Adelina. I definitely rooted for her as she confronted her past and came to terms with the place she fled so many years ago. As a lover of words myself, I cringed right alongside Adelina at some of the liberties Reese took with grammar and sentence structures. But like her, I fell hard for the charming, handsome farmer.

At the risk of being run out of the literary community for heresy, I must confess I enjoyed A Twist of Faith more than the original, zooming through the pages in less than 48 hours. This is one story I will definitely re-read in the future. Romance readers and fans of My Fair Lady won’t want to miss the first installment in the Mitchell’s Crossroads series.

Review copy provided by the author. Thanks!


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