Princess Cut

princess-cutGenre: Romance, DramaDove-Family-Approved-12
Studio: Watchman Pictures
Release Date: November 2015

Grace dreams of finding “Mr. Right,” but when yet another relationship goes horribly wrong, she starts to question God and whether such a guy exists. When she meets Jared a nice guy who opens doors for her and doesn’t hide his interest, Grace believes things might finally turn around. But before long, Jared pressures her in directions that conflict with her convictions. Determined to stop repeating the same mistakes, Grace embarks on a journey, with the help of her dad, to discover the true meaning of love and what it means to wait on God. A quest that eventually leads her to the handsome next-door neighbor.

Princess Cut delivers a heart-warming romance that focuses on an important, though often unpopular, message. It explores the importance of waiting on God and the vital role of the father. Though predictable in plot, its faith-oriented and family-friendly values make for a sweet, inspiring story.

Grace is a nice, caring young woman who longs to find love, making her easy to relate to. I liked her relationship with princess-cut-clint-graceher family. Ashley Bratcher portrayed her beautifully and fit the part. And Clint … be still my beating heart! It’s hard, if not impossible, to not fall for the handsome and kind doctor. Joseph Gray did a wonderful job bringing him to life. While Grace and Clint made their share of mistakes throughout the movie, their flawed characters made them real.

Though I greatly enjoyed the film, I would have liked more story and character development. Grace jumped from one relationship to the next too quickly, detracting from her romance with Clint and her implied personal growth. Some of the characters (such as the therapist and best friend) were too stereotypical and even strange. Their over-the-top characterization made them hard to take seriously and even harder to understand why Grace might feel compelled to listen. Brooke would have benefited from being toned down too. While her character brought needed conflict to the story, her self-absorbed and rude personality made it difficult to believe that Clint would have ever been interested in her. Her flighty and erratic behavior didn’t fit someone who achieved her profession.

The acting and dialogue were stilted at times, but in the end, the powerful message far outweighs the rest. Princess Cut will appeal to viewers who enjoy a good, clean romance with Christian values.

Review copy provided by writer and director. Thanks!


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