Dinnertime by Ree Drummond (AKA The Pioneer Woman)

dinnertime-pioneer-womanGenre: Cookbook
Publisher: William Morrow Cookbook
Publication Date: October 2015

Come mealtime, whether I’m pulling out a cookbook or scouring the web, the Pioneer Woman has become one of my go-to sources for delicious recipes. Dinnertime, Ree Drummond’s latest contribution to cooks everywhere, is both practical and helpful. It focuses on that vital and often demanding meal that rolls around day after day regardless of schedule, energy, or inspiration. Drummond offers everything from freezer food and 16-minute meals when in a bind, to comfort classics and recipes to enjoy when a bit more relaxed.

Below are my thoughts on some of those recipes.

Potato Soup and Cheesy Cauliflower Soup: In cold weather, few meals hit the spot as perfectly as a steaming bowl of nourishing goodness. Both soups proved to be a success with almost everyone taking seconds.

Cashew Chicken: Combining crunchy and tender, sweet and salty, this recipe comes very close to perfection. Even my brother who usually complains about anything with peppers helped himself to seconds and thirds. I call that a success!

Salisbury Steak: This recipe earns the coveted “simple yet tasty” title. Following a suggestion in the variations section, I added mushrooms to the onion and gravy. As someone who likes mushrooms — lots and lots of them — I doubt I’ll ever make it any other way.

Stovetop Mashed Potatoes: The heavy cream, butter, milk, and cream cheese mixture made for a deliciously smooth and creamy puree — a must in my book when making mashed potatoes.

Cheese Biscuits: These came to the rescue recently when I needed a side of bread but didn’t have lots of time. The cheese gave them the perfect touch and made it hard to stop after two.

Vanilla Pudding: This makes for an extremely rich and creamy dessert, maybe too rich. Next time I’ll halve the sugar. As is, I reached sweetness saturation with only two or three bites.

I strongly recommend Dinnertime. The Pioneer Woman’s scrumptious and simple recipes are great for everyday cooks. One doesn’t have to be a top chef to create mouth-watering meals. Whenever applicable, the recipes include anything that can be made ahead, possible variations, and suggestions of what to serve with it. Drummond’s gorgeous photography gives the cookbook a personal touch and made me feel as though I sat across the kitchen table from her discussing food and family.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of The Pioneer Woman or a first timer, Dinnertime is a great addition to any house.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!


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