Bookish Finds: #1

My love for books and all things related is no secret. If you read my blog, chances are you feel the same. So I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite bookish finds.



Non-Fictional Feelings for Very Fictional Characters t-shirtI LOVE this shirt. I am notorious for falling for the heroes in the books I read, so this would be a great addition to my closet. The fact that it’s purple (one of my favorite colors) makes it that much better. In case you are wondering, my birthday is only six months away — hint hint.macbook-book




BookBookI don’t own a MacBook, but this cover almost makes me wish I did.





Open Book Cookie CutterWhat could be better than a cookie? A book-shaped one of course! I can see it now: a rainy day, a steaming cup of French vanilla cappuccino, a book, and a delicious book-shaped cookie. Heaven!stack-of-books-earrings




Stack of Book EarringsTalk about the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.



Could I have one of each please? How about you? What bookish things would you like?


Leave me a note! I always love hearing from you.

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