Love on the Air

love-on-the-air-hallmarkGenre: Romance
Studio: Hallmark
Publication Date: September 2015

Sonia (Alison Sweeney) has just been dumped — on air. Her listeners, who tune in for relationship advice, have learned along with Sonia that her love life is in shambles. To make matters worse, the network merges her show with Nick’s Man Cave. Nick (Jonathan Scarfe) stands for everything Sonia opposes, but as long as the ratings continue to rise, they are stuck working together.

Sparks fly from the get-go as the two rivals butt heads on and off air. Nick’s opinionated and independent co-host infuriates him. To prove that his advice works, Nick vows to help Sonia win back her fiancée. However, he didn’t count on falling for his “project” and now he may have made the biggest mistake of his life.

Love on the Air delivers a deliciously fun and cute story. Sweeney and Scarfe are brilliant in their roles of the rivals who fall in love. Their snarky comebacks elicited numerous chuckles as I eagerly waited to hear what they’d say next. Their chemistry was palpable and believable, making this one of the most enjoyable Hallmark films I’ve watched this year.

Is it cheesy and predictable? Absolutely! But let’s be honest, we wouldn’t pick a Hallmark movie if we weren’t looking for a bit of both. It’s a light, feel-good story that leaves the viewer with a goofy grin and happy heart.

I recommend this battle of the sexes movie to anyone who enjoys sweet and delightful romantic comedies.


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