Through Waters Deep (Waves of Freedom #1) by Sarah Sundin

through-waters-deepGenre: Historical Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: August 4, 2015

Mary Stirling sees herself as silver. She doesn’t shine and sparkle like her best friend or other golden girls. Mary prefers to go about her work as a Navy Yard secretary quietly and efficiently while staying out of the center of attention. However, that doesn’t mean she’ll shrink from an adventure, especially the Nancy Drew kind. As tension runs high in pre-WWII US, rumors float around the Navy Yard of Nazi spies and sabotage.

The Navy has assigned Ensign Jim Avery to the new destroyer, USS Atwood, destined to escort British convoys. While waiting for his duty to commence, he stumbles into his childhood friend Mary. Looking to pass the time, he joins her covert investigation only to find himself drawn to her calm, loving, and selfless personality.

Determined to uncover the truth, Mary finds evidence that points to danger and the culprit being much closer than she imagined. As she follows the clues, she risks losing both her heart and life — one to the handsome ensign and the other to the saboteur she seeks to expose.

An exhilarating read, Through Waters Deep hits the trifecta with endearing characters, a riveting plot, and a fascinating setting. Sarah Sundin creates an enchanting romance and intriguing mystery that draws the reader in. The author seamlessly weaves a thread of faith into the story that becomes part of who the characters are, just like the color of their hair or the shape of their faces, and not something tacked on to fit a genre.

I loved Mary’s sweet and tender manner and could relate to her on many levels, including her childhood love of Nancy Drew mysteries. At times her successes felt more like personal achievements than a story in a book. And Jim — be still my beating heart! He is the kind of hero a girl starts to fall for almost from the moment he walks onto the page. A considerate and caring guy, Mary (and the reader) didn’t stand a chance. As soon as he started pursuing her, I wished I could jump into Mary’s shoes.

I strongly recommend Through Waters Deep to historical fiction readers and Sundin fans alike. If you’re neither, don’t worry! Give it a try just the same. Historical fiction normally isn’t my go-to genre, though the way I devour Sundin’s novels would suggest otherwise. She keeps me hooked and coming back time and time again.

Warning: Do not start this book if you expect a full-night’s sleep. Once started, it’s impossible to put down.

Reviewer copy provided by Publisher. Thank you!

**Originally posted on Radiant Lit.


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