Married ’til Monday (A Chapel Springs Romance #4) by Denise Hunter

married-til-mondayGenre: Romance
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: June 2015

Ryan McKinley has tried to move past the pain and forget his ex-wife, Abby. He’s brooded, gotten angry, kept busy with work, even went as far as buying her dream house—not his wisest decision. Now, he’s stuck living by himself in a large, two-story house that only makes him think of her all the more. Then he receives a phone call from her parents telling him about their 35th wedding anniversary and inviting the young couple to Summer Harbor for the weekend. Ryan starts to wonder if God is finally answering his pleas.

Abby McKinley feels like a failure. How can she admit her marriage crumbled — just as her father predicted? But now her reticence to come clean with her parents has her making the long drive to Maine, with her ex-husband. To keep up the farce, she must play the part of a loving wife to the man who broke her heart.

Denise Hunter has become synonymous with captivating, heart-warming romance in my book, and she lives up to that in Married ‘til Monday. For months, I wait for a new story and when it finally arrives, I can’t make it last past two or three sittings, leaving me once again yearning for more.

Her cast become so much more than characters on the page; they turn into my friends, my siblings, and even my love interest. Yes, I’m notorious for falling for Hunter’s leading man. Every. Single. Time.

Ryan and Abby’s story proved no different. They completely suckered me in as I rooted, hurt, and rejoiced for them. At times, I even wanted to knock some sense into their heads — but then we wouldn’t have a book. Through their story, the author tackles some gritty and poignant topics while still sharing a message of hope, redemption, and second chances. Though the romance lover in me got her happy ending, I appreciated that Hunter didn’t wrap everything up into a sweet little bow, which afforded the novel with a higher level of realism.

I definitely recommend The Chapel Springs series to readers looking for romance with substance.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Married ’til Monday (A Chapel Springs Romance #4) by Denise Hunter

  1. Super happy to know you enjoyed this one. This is one of my next two reads. Figured it’d be an awesome book… because after all, it’s about Ryan and by Denise Hunter. 🙂

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