The Cinderella Murder (Book #1 Under Suspicion) by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

TheCinderellaMurderGenre: Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: November 2014

After the raving success of their pilot show, Laurie Moran and the Under Suspicion crew return to highlight yet another cold case – the 20-year-old murder of a gifted and talented UCLA student and budding actress Susan Dempsey.

Back in the day, and even in the years that followed, the case garnered heavy media attention with its lineup of big-name suspects. With ties to Hollywood’s elite, tech billionaires, and a notorious cult, The Cinderella Murder has all the makings of another hit. However, as Laurie and her team delve into the mystery, it becomes evident that some people still hide secrets, and in some cases will do anything to keep them from surfacing.

The Queen of Suspense, Mary Higgins Clark, joins forces with Alafair Burke to create the new Under Suspicion series. True to Clark’s style, multiple POVs allow readers a glimpse into the respective lives, fears, and motives of the various characters. With many of them guilty of something, Clark and Burke offer plenty of red-herrings as the reader works his/her way through the maze of lies and deceit to figure out who is guilty of what.

That being said, the repetitious explanation of several concepts, events, and facts from each perspective does become tedious, bogging down the story at times. Trudging through recurring explanations of the purpose and details behind the Under Suspicion show quickly became old when experienced through the eyes of each character.

The dialogue, too, felt a bit forced and unnatural at times. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed piecing together the clues to this 20-year-old mystery and I couldn’t help but hold my breath at times wondering how Laurie would manage to extricate herself from some sticky situations.

All in all, I would recommend The Cinderella Murder to Clark’s fans as well as anyone looking to solve an intriguing mystery while still enjoying a clean read.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Life is Story.


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