Mr. Kiss and Tell (Veronica Mars #2) by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham

mr-kiss-and-tellGenre: Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: January 2015

Corruption and scandals ooze from every crook and cranny of the small town of Neptune. As a private investigator, Veronica Mars has faced it all – deadly gangs, dirty cops, shady millionaires, and more. When a young woman claims she was brutally attacked in the Neptune Grand, the town’s ritziest hotel, and points to a staff member as the perpetrator, the owners call on Veronica to investigate.

The case brings her face to face with the past and resurrects memories she’d rather forget. An uncooperative witness, a hotel concerned solely with saving its image (and keeping the purse strings tightly closed), holes in the surveillance system, and the fact the assault took place months earlier are only a few of the challenges Veronica must confront in order to piece together the truth surrounding that night. Struggles and betrayals on the home front only complicate matters further.

Years have passed since the final TV episode of Veronica Mars aired, but fans can still follow their favorite private investigator as she continues to battle Neptune’s scum and shed a light – or camera lens – on their dirty dealings. In Mr. Kiss and Tell, Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham offer fans everything they’ve come to expect from the snarky, dogged PI and her crew. Logan returns though somewhat mellowed out from the troubled, bitter teen and then college student we knew in the early days – growing up has done him well. Keith, Mac, Weevil, Leo, Cliff, and several other familiar faces parade through the pages of this latest adventure.

Something toward the end of the book does concern me. I will refrain from saying more to avoid spoilers, but I really hope Veronica won’t return to her old ways of indecision. While the novel delivers a standalone mystery and no previous knowledge of the show, movie, or first book is necessary to follow it, knowing the series history and backstory truly enhances the experience.

I definitely recommend Mr. Kiss and Tell to all the “marshmallows” out there.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Life is Story.


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