In Perfect Time (Wings of the Nightingale #3) by Sarah Sunding

in-perfect-timeWherever Lt. Kay Jobson lands, men flock to her, vying with one another for the attentions of the beautiful flight nurse. Haunted by a painful past, Kay refuses to allow anyone past her carefully erected walls. That’s not to say she can’t revel in their attention or enjoy a date with a different guy every night of the week. However, despite pulling out the “the big guns” in her flirting repertoire, nothing seems to work on the C-47 pilot, Lt. Roger Cooper. Her batting eyelashes, dazzling smiles, and swaying hips all seem lost on him.

Lt. Roger Cooper knows all too well the pain and consequences of mistakes. But he’s a new man now, determined to live a life that honors God and atone for his past. The gorgeous Kay Jobson is simply another distraction to avoid. However, when war and circumstances thrust them together, Roger discovers that fear of the past can keep one from grasping hold of God’s gifts.

In Perfect Time is the captivating conclusion to the riveting Wings of the Nightingale series. Historical fiction isn’t generally my go-to genre, but Sarah Sundin’s masterful storytelling and endearing characters captured my heart and attention with the very first book, With Every Letter, and I’ve counted down the months for each new installment ever since. Her characters and settings leap from the pages, allowing me to walk the journey, seeing, touching, smelling, experiencing everything with my own senses.

Kay’s flirtatious ways and her prickly personality toward Mellie and Georgie (the main characters of the first two novels) initially turned me off, but as the series progressed and I came to understand her and her motivations, Kay’s story drew me in as much as that of Mellie and Georgie. I loved watching Kay and Roger navigate the murky waters of uncertainty as they crossed the realm of friends into something deeper.

Sundin seamlessly threads a strand of faith into her tale as Kay and Roger discover the power of God’s forgiveness and unconditional love. I enjoyed watching them learn that our Heavenly Father gives us good gifts because of who He is and not based on whether we deserve them or not.

As I reached the novel’s close, a lump formed in my throat. Several characters pondered on the events of the previous three years, their shared adventures, and the way life now led them in separate directions. I too had travelled with them through thick and thin, sorrows and victories, failures and successes. The bittersweet emotions of saying goodbye to friends swirled inside me. Historical fiction fans will want to pick up this book, but also the entire series.

Review copy provided by Litfuse Publicity. Thanks!

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