Nowhere to Turn by Lynette Eason

nowhere-to-turnFearing for her life and her son’s, Danielle Harding flees from her abusive husband. That same day, Kurt Harding dies. For the first time in years, Dani believes she and Simon are safe. Little does she realize, their lives run a greater risk than ever.

A dirty FBI agent, Kurt jumped into business with the wrong people. He died with something belonging to them — something they want back and will stop at nothing to retrieve. Running for their lives once again, Dani hires Operation Refuge to hide and protect her and Simon.

After a family scandal pushed Adam Buchanan from his job as a US Marshall, he found his calling at Operation Refuge, helping and protecting the battered and abused. However, little had prepared him for the day Dani walked into his office. Despite his team’s best efforts, those who want her out of the way somehow manage to continually stay one step ahead of them. Guarding the widow and boy will push his skills, experience, and trust in God to the limit. With nowhere to turn, Adam and Dani must rely on their faith to see them through.

Nowhere to Turn is the adrenaline-pumping, breath-taking continuation to Lynette Eason’s intense series, Hidden Identity. The author offers little reprieve as deadly pursuers breathe down the readers’ necks as much as Adam and Dani’s. Eason expertly sucked me into the action, making their plight my own. My heart pounded as I raced with Adam, Dani, and Simon in an attempt to stay ahead of the killers, knowing that any wrong turn could cost someone his/her life.

Despite her broken past, Dani’s strength shines through and her love for her son is unparalleled. Adam is the strong, caring hero that romantic suspense fans dream of. My only regret with this book is that it ended so soon. I strongly recommend this book (and series!) to anyone who enjoys nail-biting suspense with a nice helping of romance.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Life is Story.


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