Hawk by Ronie Kendig

HawkStaff Sergeant Brian “Hawk” Bledsoe has one focus — his job as communications expert for Raptor 6. However, his past haunts him, and his attitude has him dangling on the edge of an dishonorable discharge. Faced with corrupt intelligence reports, the team continues to hunt for the terrorist who seems to know their every move and always runs one step ahead of them.

As an Afghan woman, Fekiria Haidary knows the risk of going against family and tradition to become a pilot, but she refuses to be a pawn in any man’s hands. When her aircraft system glitches, launching a weapon at a safe target, her world crashes around her. Forced to run from her own people as well as the US military, Fekiria has nowhere to turn.

When Brian is separated from Raptor 6 after a deadly attack, Brian must choose who to save: his team, or the women and children depending on him to make it out alive. As terrorists hunt him down and a killer snowstorm heads their way, Brian must face his demons and relinquish control to the God he’s run from for years if he hopes to survive.

Raptor 6 is back in this suspense-filled, action-packed continuation to the Quiet Professional series. Ronie Kendig doesn’t pull any punches in Hawk as she thrusts her readers headfirst into a boatload of danger and a frigid snowstorm that has even the reader fending off frostbite.

While the characters ran for their lives, fought the subzero temperatures, or faced insurmountable obstacles both on the home front and in the battlefield, their story became my own as I acutely experienced every success and failure right along with them. Hawk and Fekiria quickly pull the readers into their corner as they grapple with their past and learn to trust God, all the while falling in love with each other.

True to Kendig’s style, even the secondary cast leapt off the pages, taking up permanent residence in my heart, making me wish each one could get their own book. I absolutely loved Mitch’s thread — prepare yourself for an emotional ride! Despite not being a protagonist, he’s vying with Dean for the spot as my favorite team member.

While some questions are answered, many more are raised, leaving me once again desperately pleading for the next installment so that I can put together the final pieces of this mind-boggling mystery and uncover the identity of Raptor’s arch nemesis.

Military suspense fans won’t want to miss any part of this fast-paced series.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

*Originally posted on Life is Story.


4 thoughts on “Hawk by Ronie Kendig

  1. Sounds like another great supsense novel for those who like books about the military. I know from past experience that reading books that are in a “series” is very enjoyable. The story line doesn’t end with just one book!!

    • One thing I love about this series is that not only the characters carryover from one novel to the next but so does the mystery.

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