Collateral Damage by Ronie Kendig


The adventure continues! Collateral Damage, part 1 of Operation Zulu Redemption, is here!! If you enjoyed the teaser, Overkill: The Beginning, prepare yourself for the continuation. Ronie Kendig ups the suspense to a whole new level, and now the mission is personal. A master at cliffhangers, Kendig has left me clamoring  for the next installment. If you have yet to join team Zulu, there is no better time than the present.

Overkill: The Beginning (Download it FREE!)

Part 1: Collateral Damage

Get to know the fascinating and unique characters that instill life into this series. They are becoming more and more like friends with each passing page.









4 thoughts on “Collateral Damage by Ronie Kendig

    • Do you have a Kindle or e-reader by any chance? My Kindle has a text-to-voice option and I love having it read to me while I work. It makes sweeping, mopping, cooking, etc. a lot more fun. 🙂

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