Raptor 6 (The Quiet Professionals Book #1) by Ronie Kendig

raptor6Genre: Military Suspense
Publisher: Barbour
Publication DateMay 2014

Captain Dean Watters is all about the mission. His life is the military, and his team is his family. He went into his line of work knowing he would never marry. A wife only presents a liability. Wouldn’t be fair to her, wouldn’t be fair to his military team.

Watters is preparing to embark on another operation when a near-invisible hacker threatens the safety of his men, the military, and the entire United States of America. So, of course, it’s his job to track down—and eliminate—the problem. Just another day on the job. But he hadn’t counted on the job thrusting Zahrah Zarrick into his path. Evidently, his heart and the beautiful missionary teacher don’t care about his vow to remain single.

When highly sensitive information falls into the terrorists’ hands, Zahrah is kidnapped. Watters is confronted with the realization that there is more to the young woman than he ever suspected, and he must decide whether he is willing to risk his life (and heart) to save her. With the stakes higher than ever before, Watters must rely on his instincts, his Special Forces training, and the God he doesn’t want to believe in if either of them hopes to walk out alive.

Ronie Kendig is one of those rare authors who never fails to amaze me. No matter how many of her books I read, she always manages to outdo herself. Raptor 6 is no exception. The Quiet Professionals trilogy opens with rapid-fire force, pulling readers into a web so deep and tangled that surfacing feels like breaking water in a desperate attempt for air. If book one is any indication of what awaits in the next two installments, there is no doubt The Quiet Professionals will become my favorite Kendig series.

Unlike in the first two series (The Discarded Heroes and A Breed Apart), the villain in this series spans throughout the three novels. As a huge fan of the Bourne books, I am thrilled by this fact and couldn’t be more excited to weave my way through this desert adventure.

The relationship between Dean and Zahrah is unparalleled. It was truly incredible to experience the beautiful and unique bond that grew between them. Kendig has set the bar at a whole new high, and I can’t wait to see how she’ll top it.

The author deals with the disturbing and gut-wrenching topic of torture, and while she does so in the most tactful and delicate way possible, readers should be aware. It’s an aspect of war that is often easier ignored, but no less real.

Fans of Kendig and/or military suspense won’t want to delay in getting their hands on this one.

Review copy provided by author. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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