Shadows of the Past by Patricia Bradley

shadowsofthepastGenre: Suspense, Thrillers
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: February 2014

Taylor Martin has solved many crimes in her years as a professor of psychology and criminal profile. Her knowledge and expertise are sought out by many. However, the mystery she holds closest to her heart remains just that, one big question. Two decades ago, her loving father walked out on the family and never looked back. Hoping to finally put those nagging worries and doubts to rest, Taylor returns home to Logan Point. But as she pursues the truth, it becomes evident that someone is stalking her, someone who is no longer willing to watch from afar.

Well-known mystery author, Nick Sinclair has yet to overcome the loss of his beloved wife. He can’t fathom ever finding another woman he can love so dearly. That is until he meets the feisty and independent Taylor at a crime scene. He is instantly drawn to her, but even if Nick could learn to let go of his late wife, another major obstacle stands in his way. Incriminating evidence points to his estranged brother as Taylor’s stalker. Nick must find a way to protect the woman he cares for and his only remaining family. Doing so without endangering or alienating one or both will prove to be a difficult road to walk.

Patricia Bradley opens the Logan Point series with an intense and gripping beginning, leading readers through a maze of intrigue, lies, and betrayal as they rush to piece together the clues and solve the riddle before it is too late. Shadows of the Past offers plenty of twists and turns to keep one guessing. Even as I’d figured out parts, just enough doubt remained in the back of my mind to keep me wondering. Sometimes the obvious was just that, while other times it hid deep secrets begging to hit the surface. Though the end result might not come as a big surprise, some of the paths taken to get there will.

Taylor and Nick are fun and appealing characters that the reader can rally behind as they work out the kinks both individually and together. They have the back up of interesting support characters that will raise questions of their own. I’m looking forward to the continuation of this series to delve further into some of those and learn more of their own stories.

I heartily recommend Shadows of the Past to those who enjoy suspense-filled, faith-oriented novels. The book is very clean and tactful, however some topics (murder, stalking, kidnapping) might not be the most suitable for young readers.

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