Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner

fearnothingGenre: Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: Dutton
Publication Date: January 2014

Dr Adeline Glen feels no pain. Literally. A genetic condition prevents her body from warning her brain of threats or damage to her being. Hoping to understand what she’s only ever heard of, Adeline works as a therapist for people experiencing severe pain.

Detective D. D. Warren only remembers returning to the crime scene, alone after dark. What followed remains a mystery. Her co-workers found her crumpled at the bottom of the stairs and say that she fired her weapon three times. The cause alludes her. Sidelined from her job and unable to accomplish the most basic tasks, D.D. is forced to visit Dr. Glen if she ever hopes to regain her life.

When a second woman is murdered in her bed, it soon becomes evident that not only are they dealing with a serial killer, but he/she has also targeted D.D. On the job or not, the detective has no intention of sitting by. As she delves into the sinister workings of a highly disturbed killer, there is only one person who might hold the key to unlocking the mystery — the daughter and sister of the notorious serial killers Harry and Shana Day — Dr. Adeline Glen.

Lisa Gardner delivers another heart-pounding, psychological thriller that keeps readers glued to the pages. Fear Nothing comes alive with a strong plot, vivid storytelling, and enigmatic (though sometimes disturbing!) characters, making this one book you might want to read with the light on.

Gardner leaves no doubt as to why she is a master writer, creating complex villains that pull the reader further into the story. While they are undeniably evil, Gardner (unlike many authors) gives them a depth of layers and intricacy that leaves her audience flipping pages, wanting to understand their motivations and the circumstances leading to their decisions.

This novel should definitely remain within its target audience as strong language and mature themes make it unsuitable for young readers. I recommend Fear Nothing to readers who enjoy a thriller with twists and turns that dance around the edge of discomfort without ever crossing fully to the side of fear.

Publisher Provided through NetGalley. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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