Deadly Devotion (Book #1 Port Aster Secrets Series) by Sandra Orchard

deadly-devotionGenre: Romance, Suspense
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: June 2013

When Kate Adams’ mentor and colleague dies suddenly, the police rule it a suicide. Kate, however, is convinced it’s murder and will stop at nothing to prove it. She owes her friend that much. After all, if not for the older woman, Kate wouldn’t have her job or her faith.

Former FBI agent Tom Parker is back in Port Aster working as a detective. At first he brushes off Kate’s allegations as the ramblings of a distressed friend. But when she ventures off to investigate on her own, Tom finds himself needing to come to her rescue on multiple occasions. The more she digs into the events surrounding Daisy’s death, the more suspicious it appears, and Tom is forced to rethink his initial conclusion of suicide. But reopening the case could cost him his job or, worse yet, cost Kate her life.

Deadly Devotion is the suspense-filled, mind-twisting introduction to the Port Aster Secrets series. Sandra Orchard keeps the reader guessing to the very end, and not for a lack of suspects. In a town full of people with means and motives (including Kate!), whom can you trust?

This is the first novel I have read by this author, and I stumbled upon it quite by accident. I’m so glad I did. I greatly enjoyed attempting to piece together the mystery, and watching Tom and Kate fight their own personal demons as well as their growing attraction for the other.

While Orchard wrapped up most of the loose ends, she left just enough questions to keep me impatiently counting down the months until the release of the next installment, which unfortunately isn’t until next summer. I definitely recommend Deadly Devotion to romantic suspense fans.

Review copy provided by publisher via NetGalley. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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