On Distant Shores (Book #2 Wings of the Nightingale Series) by Sarah Sundin

on-distant-shoresGenre: Historical Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: August 2013

Despite the war raging around her, Lt. Georgie Taylor has a pretty good life: a boyfriend back home, a caring family, and a job as a flight nurse together with her best friend. But life has a way of taking unexpected turns, and before long everything she’s known starts crumbling around her.

Sgt. John Hutchinson serves overseas as a pharmacist. He is passionate about his work but is tired of the lack of respect he receives as a non-commissioned serviceman. The military doesn’t view Hutch’s profession as valid. They believe “any intelligent boy can read a label.”

As Georgie and Hutch’s lives intersect, they find comfort in their faith and in each other’s friendship. They discover that, sometimes, letting go of what you hold dearest to your heart is the best way to move forward.

The Wings of The Nightingale series returns with its second installment, On Distant Shores. Sarah Sundin delivers another gripping tale set to the backdrop of WWII as a beautiful love story emerges amongst the rubble of war-torn Europe. The author captivates her audience with characters that burrow themselves deep under the reader’s skin, remaining long after the last page is finished.

Sundin’s vivid descriptions continually managed to pull me deep into the stories. I can picture the starry nights over Sicily, the bouncing of the plane in turbulence, or the heat and dust on my skin as intensely as if I were living it myself.

I strongly recommend On Distant Shores to Sundin’s fans as well as to anyone who enjoys historical fiction romances. This story will not disappoint! While it can easily stand alone, I advise anyone who hasn’t read the first book, With Every Letter, to start there. You won’t want to miss any part of this incredible series.

Review copy provided by Litfuse Publicity. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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