I, Saul by Jerry B. Jenkins with James MacDonald

I, Saul

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Worthy Publishing
Publication Date: August 2013

 Augustine “Augie” Aquinas Knox lives a quiet, peaceful life as a seminary professor. After receiving a frantic text from an old friend, Augie flies halfway around the world only to discover he’s walking into the center of a dangerous plot. An old parchment that looks like the Apostle Paul’s memoirs has been discovered.

Augie is trapped in a deadly race to keep his friend alive while ensuring that the parchment doesn’t fall into the hands of those who wish to profit from the discovery.

Filled with intrigue, danger, and history, I, Saul carries readers through multiple countries and two time periods. Jumping between the present and the days of the Apostle Paul, Jerry B. Jenkins creates two gripping tales brimming with suspense and adventure. Jenkins’ skillfully created cliffhangers that constantly left me wondering what would happen next.

Augie is the type of character audiences are drawn to. He may be bookish, but when his friends and loved ones are in danger, he can turn into a full-fledged Indiana Jones complete with two-thousand-year-old parchments, bad guys to outsmart, and secret codes to decipher.

I enjoyed seeing the historical context surrounding Paul and his writings. Growing up, in school I learned about Nero, the burning of Rome, and that time period. I’ve also read the epistles in the New Testament. Putting them together, realizing they took place simultaneously, offered a new perspective.

The author so seamlessly intertwines reality with fiction, and Protestantism with Catholicism that it’s often hard to differentiate one from the other. If the reader isn’t well aware of history and the Bible, a novel like this could easily lead to confusion as well as the acceptance of certain traditions and fictitious events as real.

What I liked about this narrative is that it has pushed me to reread the New Testament and look closely at the books pertaining to the apostle in order to rediscover the real story. I, Saul has inspired me to search for the truth about the man also known as Paul, and there is no better place to find the absolute truth than in the Scripture.

This novel will appeal to readers who enjoy history, fast-paced thrillers, and vivid writing that places one in the middle of the action.


Note: I received this book as part of the I, Saul blog tour from Fiction Addict. I received no compensation for this review, only a copy of the book for review purposes. 

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.


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