Share by Adrienne de Francesco and Marion Kane

SharebyFoodShareGenre: Cookbook
Publisher: Between the Line Publishing
Publication DateNovember 2012

What is a community if not an eclectic group of people from all walks in life? With recipes from around the world, Adrienne De Francesco and Marion Kane have captured the essence of that word with their cookbook, Share. Bringing together a mouthwatering compilation of recipes, the authors present a sustainable, collaborative, and people-geared way of living (and eating!).

This cookbook is very appropriately titled Share as most of the dishes are in the 4, 6, 8, and even 12 serving range. Get ready to invite your friends, family, and whole neighborhood over for some amazing food. With recipes from Somalia, Europe, South America, Korea and more, trust me, you won’t be eating alone!

Snippets about FoodShare and the different people behind the recipes are peppered throughout Share, truly bringing the book to life. Add to it all the pictures, not only of the food but also of the people and suddenly there is a face to this community, providing a sense of “realness” to it. Whether you’re  right there in Toronto or miles away, you can’t help but suddenly feel a part it.

Sections such as Putting Food First: Three Simple Actions for Personal, Collective, and Social Change will ensure a learning experience that will enrich you.

Below I have included my thoughts on some of the dishes I’ve tried so far.

FOODSHARE SALAD—This is a great every day or last-minute-pinch salad. Busy moms will especially like it. It doesn’t require heavy preparation or uncommon ingredients. You can use whatever veggies you have on hand, and the dressing is very quick to whip up. I am sometimes very picky with my dressings. I want something that provides a nice flavor without being too overpowering or over the top.  Also, I don’t like long, drawn-out preparation time or the need for blenders that only add to an already stacked-high sink of dishes. This one definitely makes the cut all around!

CHICKEN MARBELLA WITH PRUNES, OLIVES, AND CAPERS—So far, from the recipes I’ve tried, this has been my favorite. The sweet prunes, salty olives, and white wine make for a mouth-watering combination that turned into a great hit among my friends and family. I made plenty, aiming for two meals out of it and ended up having to set aside part of it or run the risk of not having enough for another day.

APPLE CRISP—To say this dessert flew would be an understatement. The only reason not everyone took seconds was because I didn’t make it big enough for that. If your family is like mine, and they love apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar, then you might want to consider doubling this recipe.

WEST COAST TERIYAKI SALMON WITH WASABI MAYONNAISE—I have a confession. I do not like fish. However, for the sake of writing a well-rounded review (otherwise it would be one chicken dish after another), I felt I should try at least one fish recipe. I prepared to eat only a bite or two, but the sauce was wonderful (and so easy to make!). I loved the orange juice, syrup, and ginger combination and consequently took a few more bites. This dish deserves some kind of prize because for me to not only eat, but also like, some fish is no small feat!

**Disclaimer: I didn’t have wasabi powder so I couldn’t make the Wasabi Mayonnaise. Still, I thought this dish was good even without it. The teriyaki sauce gave it more than enough flavor.

SPICED-RUBBED STEAK WITH ORANGE SALSA—For those who enjoy coriander, this is a nice way to eat steak. Next time though, I will let the meat sit in the spice mixture for a while before cooking to let it marinate and absorb more flavor. The orange salsa was delicious. I liked the coriander and orange combination, and it went really well over the steak.

For the sake of time and length I’ll stop here, but there are plenty more recipes such as the Oven-Baked Mushrooms and Gazpacho. There are also many others on my yet-to-try list. For example soups like Mushroom Barley and Hearty Minestrone sound wonderful, but August is just too hot to attempt them. I’m looking forward to experiencing these as soon as cooler weather settles in.

With such a diverse collection of dishes from all around the world there is bound to be something for everyone. I definitely recommend checking out Share, and don’t forget to invite your neighbors and friends. They’ll thank you for it!

Review copy provided by Between the Lines Publishing. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Store it Squirrel.


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