Justice For Sara by Erica Spindler

justiceforsara-196x300Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Publication Date: August 2013

Ten years ago, Katherine McCall was accused of bludgeoning her sister to death. The jury acquitted her of the crime, but the small town of Liberty didn’t buy her ever-changing story. They knew a cold-blooded killer had gone free that day. Though Kat fled her hometown, her sister’s death has haunted her, and for years someone has sent her anonymous letters ensuring that she never forgets that Sara’s killer walks around freely.

A decade later, Kat is back in town determined to clear her name and find the true murderer. But no one wants her around and some definitely don’t want her uncovering the truth. Her only supporter is Sergeant Luke Tanner, son of the former chief, the very man who led the lynch mob against her.

Justice For Sara is a riveting and suspense-filled thriller that carries the reader on a exhilarating journey chock-full of lies, deceit, and twists galore. With a cast full of suspects, Erica Spindler creates a mind-bending mystery that will keep you guessing and second guessing yourself until the very end.

Spindler masterfully creates two Kats — the hateful, troubled teen one could easily imagine murdering her sister, and the remorseful, mature adult she becomes. A less proficient author might have struggled to carry the readers past the teenage brat to experience a connection or empathy toward the now grown woman, but not Spindler. While I wanted to throttle the 17-year-old Kat, I rooted for the returning young woman and understood her plight. I wanted nothing more than to see her succeed, bring a murderer to justice, and finally find some measure of happiness after more than a decade of pain.

I really enjoyed Luke, however I wish he had acted more professionally in regards to Kat. His committed belief of her innocence would have come across stronger had he not actively pursued a relationship with her during the investigation. Luke accuses his father of tunnel vision and never considering any other suspects and yet he himself never allows for the possibility of her guilt despite the large amount of circumstantial evidence against her. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted Luke and Kat together, but I wished they had waited to close the case.

Readers should be prepared for some strong language and one very brief (not in depth) bedroom scene, which only detracted from an otherwise great read. While mostly implied and left to the imagination, Sara’s death is gruesome so I advise that this book remain within its intended, adult audience. I strongly recommend Justice for Sara to suspense fans looking to piece together an electrifying mystery. I’ll be on the lookout for more novels by this author and wish I’d discovered her sooner.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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