Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano

fivedaysinskyeGenre: Romance
Publisher: David C Cook
Publication Date: June 2013

Only one assignment (or person) stands between Andrea Sullivan and the promotion of her dreams — Scottish celebrity chef James MacDonald. The hospitality consultant would rather be anywhere than stuck on the Isle of Skye with the self-centered womanizer. Regardless, she isn’t about to lose what she’s spent years working towards because of him. Andrea plans to get in and get out before the man even realizes what hit him. There is one problem, she never counted on the discovery that James is not the man portrayed in the media, nor the effect the rugged Scottish landscape would have on her tattered soul.

James hopes to accomplish his late father’s dream of renovating the old, family hotel. He isn’t looking to fall in love when he meets the beautiful consultant who cares nothing for his fame or money. Before long he finds himself breaking the vow he made of never opening his heart to another.

Five Days in Skye is a captivating love story set to the backdrop of the gorgeous and breath-taking Scottish countryside. Carla Laureano creates an enchanting tale that seized my attention from beginning to end. James and Andrea burrowed their way into my affection from their very first, and highly comical, meeting. Readers will fall in love with James, and cheer Andrea along as she learns to let go of her vise-like grip on life and enjoy the journey. I love cooking, so the fact that James is a chef made me like him that much more.

The storytelling, characters, and setting all served to drag me so deeply into the world of Skye that for days after finishing the book I felt a huge, gaping hole. I wanted nothing more than to return to the Isle with James, Andrea, and the group of people who came to be so dear as the story had unfolded. If ever there is a book I’d love to see come to the big screen, Five Days in Skye is it. Imagine also hearing that Scottish accent!

If you love exotic places, larger-than-life leading men, and romances that warm you to your very core, Five Days in Skye is the perfect getaway for a hot summer afternoon. Prepare yourself to read late into the evening and night as putting down the novel will be next to impossible.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!

**Orignaly posted on Radiant Lit.


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