Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter

barefootsummerGenre: Romance
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: May 2013

His death haunts her. Years have passed since Madison McKinley’s twin brother drowned, and the rest of her family has moved on as best they can, but nightmares still keep Madison up at night. Searching for closure, Madison embarks on the mission of fulfilling her brother’s dream of becoming the youngest winner of the town’s annual regatta. There is one problem, Madison can’t sail, or swim for that matter. She’s terrified of the water.

Beckett O’Reilly has been in love with Madison since high school, not that he’d ever tell her. She comes from an influential family while his father is a drunk who’s been in and out of jail. Even if Madison could overcome her obvious dislike of him, she deserves much better, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t help her now that she finally needs him.

Beckett is the last man Madison wants to turn to, but she is desperate, and will do anything to achieve her goal and reach the peace she longs for — even if it means recruiting Beckett O’Reilly’s aid.

Barefoot Summer is the perfect read for a hot summer day. With lots of water and sun, prepare to have your heart warmed by a tale of love, pain, and renewal. Denise Hunter captivated me with her storytelling. I couldn’t set the book down, consequently reading it in less than a day.

The author vividly brought the characters’ struggles and hopes to life as I experienced the toll of Beckett’s secret, the ache of Madison’s loss, and the love that grew between them. I especially enjoyed the scenes where Beckett reminisced his first encounters with Madison. Talk about swoon-material! Gotta love a guy who’s been secretly in love with a girl for years.

Hunter seamlessly weaves a thread of faith into the novel. Through Madison, readers learn that true restoration only comes from God and not through anything we might attempt to achieve with our own means and strength.

After months of anticipation, I’m back to impatiently playing the waiting game. The second installment in A Chapel Springs Romance series can’t come soon enough. Romance fans, this is one novel you won’t want to miss.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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