The One Good Thing by Kevin Alan Milne

theonegoodthingGenre: Drama
Publisher: Center Street
Publication Date: March 2013

Halley, Ty, and Alice’s lives are shattered when a tragic accident rips their husband and father out of their lives. Everyone remembers Nathan as a loving, selfless, and caring man, even toward complete strangers. For years, he carried six small stones in his pocket as a reminder. With each act of kindness he’d move a stone from one pocket to the other. Now his family is forced to continue without him.

While struggling to cope, they discover a Facebook page where people are sharing stories of how Nathan helped them in their times of need. One post captures their attention. A woman none of them know claims Nathan saved her life. Shortly after, Halley stumbles upon years worth of e-mails this woman sent Nathan in which she several times refers to “our little girl.”

Reeling from the shock, pain, and sense of betrayal, Halley and Ty struggle to understand and forgive their husband and father. Only Alice believes in his innocence, and she is determined to prove it.

The One Good Thing is an emotionally harrowing story that reaches deep into the reader and stays long after the last page is turned. Kevin Alan Milne touches the emotions in a way few writers can. My throat and heart often constricted as Nathan became just as much my loss as Halley, Ty, and Alice’s.

Truly a bittersweet tale, The One Good Thing is a novel brimming with beauty, sorrow, and inspiration. I strongly recommend this book. Especially to those willing to be challenged. By the end, the reader will want to run out and find his/her own set of pebbles to carry around as a reminder to do good to others. However, due to some heavy themes such as bullying, child abuse, rape, abortion, etc, I wouldn’t suggest handing it to young readers. Though handled very tactfully, they are not easy topics to read.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!

**Originally posted on Radiant Lit.


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