Talon: Combat Tracking Team (Book #2 A Breed Apart Series) by Ronie Kendig


Genre: Romance, Military Suspense, Thrillers
Publisher: Barbour
Publication Date: May 2013

Aspen Courtland’s brother is MIA, presumed dead. However, the air force veteran refuses to believe it until she sees his body. She is determined to find the answers — with or without the US Marine Corps’ help. Her only hope rests on Talon, her brother’s tracking dog. But there is one rather large problem: after a deadly attack, Talon suffers with PTSD.

Dane Markoski is on the run — from his past, from the truth, and from anything he believes can make him weak or vulnerable. Now, he has a new mission and needs Talon’s help. Unfortunately the dog and his handler are a package deal, and Dane has vowed to never work with a woman.

The three of them are thrust into the battle of their lives where the smallest mistake could cost them everything. Dane and Aspen discover that trusting each other could be their only chance for survival. But tearing down their firmly-built walls proves challenging.

Prepare yourself for Ronie Kendig’s greatest novel to date, Talon. The pages just couldn’t flip fast enough as I gulped in Dane and Aspen’s story. I have been a fan of Kendig’s since I read her debut novel, Dead Reckoning, but nothing had prepared me for this heart-pounding ride. I know I’m guilty of “falling in love” with all her male leads, but Dane Markoski is off the charts. He tops them all without a doubt. Also, Aspen’s sweet, sensitive, yet determined nature quickly made her my favorite female character. I hated seeing their love story come to an end. And if that weren’t enough, ready yourself for Talon. This furry, four-legged hero is about to melt your heart.

Kendig’s fans are in for a real treat with this second installment in the A Breed Apart Series. For those who have yet to pick up a book by this brilliant author, trust me, you won’t want to wait a moment longer. The pages in Talon are brimming with twists and one in particular is bound to thrill readers. There is no question, this novel has made my “Best of 2013” list.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.



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