Learning to Stay by Erin Celello

learningtostayGenre: Dramatic, Romance
Publisher: NAL Trade
Publication Date: February 2013

Elise Sabato is proud of her husband for having served his country. Still, she feels relieved when his tour of duty ends and she no longer has to live with the constant fear and dread that accompanies being married to a deployed spouse. However, the person who returns is a complete stranger. She barely recognizes the man she kissed goodbye several months earlier. Her once kind and loving husband is now temperamental and violent. On the outside, Brad looks like the same person who left, but on the inside a brain injury has altered his personality.

Realizing her husband requires more care than she can give while working for a law firm, Elise drives her husband up to his family farm. With both their lives drifting further apart, Elise starts to question the direction of their marriage. But that all changes when a unique dog enters their world and shows her how to fight for the one she loves.

Learning to Stay is a heart-wrenching tale of the struggles our military and their families must face, even after leaving the battlefield. Erin Celello depicts the brutal and poignant reality of life after deployment. For many, coming home is only the beginning of a long journey. Through her characters, Celello brilliantly portrays some of the challenges returning service members and their families encounter.

Due to mature themes and strong language, I suggest this novel remain within its target audience and not be offered to young readers. Learning to Stay is not a light read, but an emotional and thought-provoking story. It is about one wife’s fight for her husband and marriage. I recommend this book to those willing to delve into the life behind closed doors of those who sacrifice so much for their country.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict


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