Shattered (Book #2 Alaskan Courage Series) by Dani Pettrey

Shattered-Book-2-Alaskan-Courage-Series-by-Dani-PettreyGenre: Mystery, Suspense, Romance
Publisher:  Bethany House Publisher
Publication Date: February 2013

Reef McKenna, the prodigal brother, has returned home. However, his family’s joy is short-lived. A young woman is murdered nearby and two witnesses place Reef at the scene of the crime, covered in the victim’s blood. The Sheriff is up for re-election and wants nothing more than a swift proceeding. With all the evidence pointing to Reef, they immediately arrest him and place him on trial, in spite of his adamant claims of innocence.

Piper McKenna knows her brother. Despite his flaws, he could never kill anyone and she is determined to prove it, with or without Detective Landon Grainger’s help. Her investigation uncovers a much bigger plot — a dangerous motorcycle club and cover-up are just the beginning. Her search for answers places Piper in the crosshairs of a killer who has no qualms of murdering again if it means keeping the truth from surfacing.

Intrigue and danger lurk within the pages of Dani Pettrey’s novel, Shattered, as readers return to Yancey, Alaska for another spellbinding adventure. The author creates some of the most enjoyable and engaging characters I’ve ever come across. I love Landon and Piper’s relationship as they discover that they don’t just care about each other like a brother and sister as they always believed. As the series progresses, I’m more and more drawn in by Jake, the mysterious stranger the McKenna family has taken in as one of their own. I hope we learn some of his secrets in future books. There’s also Gage and his struggles to face his demons and come to terms with the loss of his son. These are just a few of the fascinating people we meet throughout the Alaskan Courage Series.

Pettrey builds a world that captures the reader with vivid and compelling descriptions. She has a way of making frigid, snowy Alaska sound cool (no pun intended!). I wanted to throw on my heaviest, winter coat and thick boots to jump right into the adventure. I’m now anxiously awaiting the next installment that, in my opinion, won’t come fast enough. I strongly recommend this novel to romantic suspense fans. While Shattered can stand alone, you won’t want to miss Submerged, the first book in the series.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thank you!!

**Originally posted on Radiant Lit.


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