To Write a Wrong (Book #2 Justice Seekers series) by Robin Caroll

towriteawrongGenre: Mystery, Romance, Suspense
Publisher: B&H Books
Publication Date: September 2012

Riley Baxter’s life is in shambles. Her job hangs by a thread. Her love life has been a disaster and is now non-existent. The drunk driver who murdered her parents is up for parole. Things really can’t get much worse. Then, while standing outside the Angola State Prison, she overhears a mother and her two children talking. They’ve been denied the right to visit their husband and father — a man they swear is innocent.

Riley doesn’t believe anyone behind bars can be innocent, but the journalist smells a story that just might have the ingredients needed to get her back in her boss’ good grace. When Riley starts investigating, she finds that the case against the man doesn’t add up. Maybe they have locked up an innocent man after all. Riley is determined to uncover the truth and restore him to his family.

Police Commissioner, Hayden Simpson is still trying to recover from the upheaval of the past few months when Riley enters his life wrecking havoc to his heart. The woman has a way of stopping him in his tracks and leaving him tongue-tied. When she decides to stay with his mother while she writes her article series, Hayden jumps at the opportunity to spend time with her.

It soon becomes evident that the feisty beauty has angered someone dangerous when she narrowly escapes with her life. Hayden’s plate is full between protecting Riley and investigating a murder that uncovers several mysterious deaths that span over twelve years.

To Write a Wrong is a gripping, suspense-filled novel. Robin Caroll takes her readers back to Hopewell, Louisiana to continue the Baxter saga. I really enjoyed the first novel in the Justice Seekers series, Injustice For All, but I have to say this book topped it by far. I loved seeing Hayden find someone he deeply cared about and watching his and Riley’s relationship develop. Readers also finally get to see the Emily (Hayden’s sister) that Ardy (their mother) swore was in there. I greatly enjoyed seeing this other side of her and watching Emily’s character grow.

While it isn’t necessary to read Injustice For All to understand this novel, I would suggest doing so. Though the mysteries are completely separate, reading the first book provides a lot more depth and insight into the characters and their fears, worries, and decisions.

I found the large amount of incomplete sentences distracting and at times annoying, but nonetheless the story made up for it. I definitely recommend To Write a Wrong to readers looking for a romantic suspense novel infused with faith.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thank you!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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