Injustice for All by Robin Caroll

injusticeforallGenre: Mystery, Romance, Suspense
Publisher: B&H Books
Publication Date: January 2012

After witnessing the murder of her godfather, Remington Wyatt changed everything about herself, even her own name. The people behind his death are very powerful and they will stop at nothing to ensure that she’s eliminated from the picture for good. Hiding is her only option, even if it means looking guilty and temporarily depriving her father figure of the justice he deserves.

FBI Agent, Rafe Baxter, has transferred to a new field office. His co-workers make it clear they don’t want him around. To prove his worth, Rafe undertakes the high-profile, cold case of Federal Judge, Daniel Tate. His only clue leads him to the small bayou town of Hopewell, Louisiana as well as to the beautiful and enigmatic Bella Miller.

However, uncovering the truth could come at a high price because while several years have passed, some will do anything to keep certain secrets from ever reaching the light of day. Rafe’s growing feelings for Bella only serve to complicate matters further, especially when he starts suspecting she has something to hide — something that could hold the key to unlock his case.

In Injustice For All readers join Remington on her harrowing flight as she runs for her life, hiding from the very people she once trusted. By stripping Remington of everything and everyone — even her identity — Robin Caroll creates a nerve-wracking scenario that keeps readers flipping pages and wondering what if that was me? Through the main character, the author shows that even in the worst situations God will never forsake us.

Fun and loveable characters fill the novel. I especially enjoyed Hayden Simpson, Bella’s best friend. His plight and struggle to cope with the lies he’d been fed (some for years) drew me in. I’m anxious to read the second installment in the Justice Seekers series because it focuses more on him. Thankfully, it’s already out so I don’t have to wait long! I also liked his mother, Ardy, the kind woman who always has one mouth-watering meal or another brewing in the kitchen. While at times she annoyed me with constant attempts at making excuses for her daughter’s mess-ups (some of them pretty bad!), she does it from a place of so much love, it’s impossible to stay mad. In the story, Ardy is like the spice that adds a little kick to an already tasty recipe.

Last, but not least, there are Rafe and Bella, the main characters who overcome many obstacles to ensure that justice is served. I rooted for them throughout the entire novel. However, I wish the author had developed their romance more. They jumped from meeting once or twice (and barely talking at those encounters) to having strong feelings for each other. I wanted to see them get know each other or discover the traits that would eventually lead them to fall in love. Still, I recommend Injustice For All to romantic suspense fans.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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