With Every Letter (Book #1 Wings of the Nightingale series) by Sarah Sundin

witheveryletterGenre: Historical Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Revell Publishing
Publication Date: September 2012

Mellie and Tom’s paths cross in the form of anonymous letters meant to boost the morale of soldiers fighting overseas during WWII. Tom is an officer stationed in North Africa and Mellie is a flight nurse in training. Both have reasons for wanting to keep their identities hidden. This nameless, faceless interaction gives them the opportunity to be their true selves without the fear of rejection.

When both are deployed to Algeria, they are suddenly confronted with the possibility of meeting face-to-face. However, some secrets hold the power to destroy the friendship they have both come to cherish.

Strong writing, relatable characters, and a beautiful story fill the pages of With Every Letter. Sarah Sundin captivates her readers from the very first page, transporting them to another world. I became so engrossed in the story that reaching the end felt like a jolt back to reality. I desperately wanted to return with Tom, Mellie, and the rest of the “gang.”

Because of the main characters’ jobs as a nurse and officer during a time of war, they spent most of the novel apart, but that didn’t make the over four-hundred page story drag. On the contrary, the end arrived much too quickly. Through the letters and Tom and Mellie’s few encounters, the reader experiences a story that holds more romance than many books where the main characters spend almost the entire time together.

What makes this book stand out is Sundin’s deep and insightful understanding of human nature. She masterfully weaves into the novel that struggle between our longing for friendship and acceptance, and our innate need to guard ourselves from pain and rejection.

Little did I know the treasure I held in my hands (or the adventure in store for me) when I opened to chapter one. This first installment in the Wings of the Nightingale series now sits high up on my favorites list and I intend to re-read it multiple times. I can’t recommend With Every Letter highly enough to romance and historical fiction fans.

Review copy provided by Litfuse Publicity. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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