Touching the Sky by Tracie Peterson

Touching-the-Sky-by-Tracie-PetersonGenre: Christian, Romance
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Publication Date: June 2012

Laura Marquardt and Colonel Brandon Reid have a rough first meeting, but it doesn’t take them long to warm up to each other. The war between the states has ended, but life for the blacks is still far from ideal. Laura dreams of starting a school to educate them and improve their chances of finding work and a better life. Brandon, who is an officer over colored troops, supports her plans.

However, when Laura’s younger sister marries a confederate soldier, hidden agendas complicate matters and Brandon’s pursuit of the eldest Marquardt comes into question. Laura realizes she may only be a pawn in a much bigger conspiracy.

Touching the Sky is a story of love, betrayal, and hope set to the backdrop of post-civil war Texas. Tracie Peterson presents some of the perils and obstacles faced by a country struggling to recover and reconcile from a conflict that divided it.

While I enjoyed reading the novel, it didn’t reach its full potential. The characters felt flat. Their dialogue seemed unnatural and awkward, as though they said what was correct and expected rather than what they actually thought. I failed to experience the emotions one would anticipate at any given moment. This spilled over to their faith as well.

That being said, the pages flew. The author managed to keep my interest enough to want to know what would happen next. Although Laura often went about doing the right thing in the wrong way, I still rooted for her. Her heart was in the right place even when she demonstrated a lack of wisdom or naivety in how she handled different situations.

Peterson deals with issues such as spousal abuse and slavery and while she doesn’t delve into details, it could raise questions in young readers. As long as parents are willing to discuss these topics with their children, they shouldn’t have a problem reading it. Touching the Sky is a nice story for historical fiction fans.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!

**Originally posted on Radiant Lit.


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