The Widow of Saunders Creek by Tracey Bateman

The-Widow-of-Saunders-Creek-by-Tracey-BatemanGenre: Christian Romance
Publisher: Waterbrook Multnomah
Publication Date: May 2012

After her Army husband made the ultimate sacrifice, Corrie Saunders is forced to face life without him. Six months after his death and unwilling to let him go, Corrie moves to his family home in hopes of somehow holding onto a piece of him. It isn’t long before she starts sensing a presence and she can’t help but wonder, and hope, that Jarrod has come back for her.

Eli is helping his late cousin’s widow restore the old family home. His faith and strong belief in God tells him that the spirit Corrie believes is visiting is not Jarrod. However, opening her eyes to that truth won’t be easy because that would mean accepting that Jarrod is not coming back.

The Widow of Saunders Creek is unlike any other fiction book I have ever read. Tracey Bateman deals with ghosts, séances, spirits and witchcraft from a Christian perspective. In a world where these are often glorified in novels, movies and TV shows, the author tackles the subject from the point of view of what God’s Word has to say about them.

Bateman did a great job projecting Corrie’s emotions onto the readers. I often found my throat constricting or tears filling my eyes as the main character remembered her deceased husband. I also felt her hope as a new love slowly blossoms between her and Eli. I recommend this novel to anyone who is not only looking for a good romance, but also a story that challenges readers to analyze their own beliefs on issues such as spirits and mediums.

Book provided by the publisher. Thank you!

**Originally posted on Radiant Lit.


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