Life Without Parole by Clare O’Donohue

lifewithoutparoleGenre: Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication Date: April 2012

The murder of her cheating, ex-husband turned Kate Conway’s life upside down. Feeling lonely, betrayed, and hurt, the TV producer has spent the past few months dividing her time between work and sitting alone in front of the TV, eating take-out. Needing a change in her life, Kate accepts two job offers. The first is filming a documentary on convicts serving life without parole. The second is a reality show about the opening of an exclusive new restaurant — backed by none other than Vera, her late husband’s mistress.

To make matters worse, one of the investors is murdered and Vera becomes the prime suspect. Attempting to clear Vera’s name, Kate turns to the killers she’s interviewing for the documentary. She soon discovers that all of the investors have secrets and one of them is willing to kill to keep his/hers from coming out.

Clare O’Donohue’s Life Without Parole is an intriguing and edgy page-turner. This is not your typical novel with “good” and “bad” characters. On the contrary, all of them are guilty of something, ranging anywhere from lying to the police and obstructing justice all the way up to murder. No one in this book is quite what they seem. The challenge is figuring out what they are trying to hide.

Kate is an interesting character to follow. In spite of her cold and abrupt outlook on life, deep down she has a soft spot for people as proven by her attempt to help her ex-husband’s lover. O’Donohue also has a way of making even the most flawed character sympathetic — even the killers serving life sentences. I would recommend Life Without Parole to mystery and suspense fans.

Copy received via NetGalley from the publisher.

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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