The Discovery by Dan Walsh

thediscoveryGenre: Romance
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: April 2012

To Michael, Gerard Warner was always more than a renowned, suspense author; he was his grandfather and hero. An aspiring author himself, when Michael inherits his grandfather’s estate, he is anxious to follow in his footsteps. The office where Gerard Warner wrote all his bestselling thrillers seems like the most logical place to begin.

When Michael finds one of his grandfather’s old, unpublished manuscripts, a whole new world unfolds before him. The yellowed pages provide a gripping tale with Nazi spies, danger, and conspiracy as well as beautiful love story between the two main characters, Ben and Claire. As he delves into the young couple’s lives, Michael discovers a whole new side to his grandfather while possibly uncovering the answers to some of his family mysteries.

Dan Walsh’s The Discovery delivers two intriguing stories as the reader follows Michael’s journey as well as Ben and Claire’s. It is a novel about sacrifice, selflessness, and putting others first. In a world where lust and love are used as synonyms, and “I want you” and “I love you” are pretty much interchangeable, The Discovery is truly a breath of fresh air.

I enjoyed how the characters in the manuscript Michael discovered maintained values such as trust and loyalty even while surrounded by the events of World War II and all that entailed. Real events seamlessly woven in with the fiction offered the book a level of realism that often made it hard to know where one ended and the other began. I heartily recommend this novel to readers looking for a beautiful romance with a happy ending.

Review copy provided by publisher.

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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