Secrets by Aris Whittier

secretsarisGenre: Romance, Suspense
Publisher: Whittier Publishing
Publication Date: January 2012

Ashley Dawson can communicate with spirits. When one sends her to a stranger’s house, her life changes forever. Nathaniel Marshall opens his front door. He isn’t happy with the interruption, but when he hears the red-head’s story he becomes livid. Nathaniel is no one’s fool and he won’t put up with someone coming to his own home and treating him as such, no matter how beautiful the woman standing before him might be.

Despite their rocky beginning, Ashley soon becomes indispensable to him. When someone begins stalking her, Nathaniel will go to any length to keep her safe. But how can he protect Ashley from someone who seems like a ghost? Her stalker is little more than a shadow, coming and going as he pleases. Then several murders occur and the message is clear — Ashley is next.

Aris Whittier’s novel, Secrets, is a fast-paced mystery with interesting characters and intriguing plots that easily maintain the reader’s attention. Several twists throughout the novel keep the audience guessing; my favorite coming at the very end. Whittier cost me a late night as I found the novel next to impossible to put down. Like Ashley, the reader finds him/herself sucked into Nathaniel’s world wanting to understand his dark past while rooting for him to overcome it.

As with her debut novel, Fatal Embrace, Whittier outsmarted me. I was convinced that this time I knew who was behind everything. Alas, I was wrong — again! I’m definitely hoping for another chance to match wits with the author. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

Those who liked Whittier’s first novel will be pleased to hear that Michael Carven makes a cameo appearance in Secrets. While I enjoyed the mystery and even the main characters, I was disappointed with the increase of explicit and unnecessary sex scenes in this novel in comparison to Fatal Embrace. The reader should also be prepared for some vulgar language.

Review copy provided by author. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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