Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs

flashandbonesGenre: Mystery/Thriller
Publisher: Scribner
Publication Date: August 2011

Anticipation fills me every time I get my hands on a new novel by Kathy Reichs. This time was no different and once again, the author didn’t disappoint. Through Temperance Brennan, Reichs takes her readers into the world of NASCAR.

In Flash and Bones, a body is discovered in a landfill next to the NASCAR speedway as thousands of fans flock to Charlotte for Race Week. With news of the discovery spreading like wildfire, a pit crew member tells Temperance about the disappearance of his sister, Cyndi, and her boyfriend, Cale, 12 years earlier. Cale’s involvement with an extremist group brought in the FBI, only to drop the case a few short weeks later.

As Temperance looks into the cold case, strange things start to happen. The cadaver disappears from the morgue, the FBI returns keeping more secrets than ever, and a lethal chemical is found with the body leading Temperance to suspect that the two cases might be related.

Join Temperance on a wild ride as she meets those who are true fans of NASCAR as well as those who take it too far. True to herself, Reichs combines forensic descriptions and suspense to keep the readers anxiously turning the pages. In , this seasoned writer shows us once more why her books are bestsellers. As always, I strongly recommend her novel.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Radiant Lit.


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