Shadows on the Sand (Seaside Mystery) by Gayle Roper

shadowsonthesandGenre: Mystery, Romance
Publisher: Multnomah Books
Publication Date: July 2011

Carrie Carter owns a small café in Seaside, New Jersey. Every morning the object of her unrequited love comes in for breakfast. However, Greg Barnes is too consumed by the horrible tragedy that took the life of his wife and children three years earlier to notice the woman who serves his coffee.

Carrie’s dishwasher is murdered and shortly after her waitress disappears, Greg’s ex-cop instincts kick into full-gear plunging him into Carrie’s world. For the first time since the loss of his family, Greg’s heart is in danger of letting someone in. But Carrie has a past of her own and the recent incidents are bringing them back to the forefront. While trying to uncover the mystery and hopefully save the missing girl, Greg and Carrie must fight their own personal wars if they hope to move beyond their pain.

With summer giving way to autumn, some of us aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the long, sunny days. Shadows on the Sand is just the book to help readers hold on a little longer as Gayle Roper vividly brings to life late summer days by the seaside. In this mystery, the author explores the scary reality of cults. While a topic like cult-life could easily push a story to the heavy side, the novel is anything but that. Using romance and a great setting, Roper balances out the novel, delivering a light and easy-to-read mystery. I recommend Shadows on the Sand to anyone looking for a nice mystery/romance. Roper will take you on a trip to the seaside without ever leaving your chair.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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